Oct 20

Pool Time Offers Repertoire of Fun Games

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It’s Pool Time! 

Get your backyard swimming pool ready for summer fun.  Let’s play games in the swimming pool. It’s really fun and exciting for the kids.  The swimming becomes more delightful if the pool is clean and is accommodating of your presence. Hence, the best preparation details have to be part of the plan. It is recommended to do the pool cleaning first before anything else. This is to ensure safe swimming. Check our website at http://poolparrot.com/best-automatic-pool-cleaner-guide . We make things easy for you. Choose the best automatic pool cleaner for your great satisfaction. It is less time cleaning and more time swimming and playing!

Now, the pool is impressively set.  The water is crystal clear and inviting. What are you waiting for? Bring on your floaties and begin the fun!

Outdoor activities engage the kids and they feel involved.  Gather the kids and invite their friends and let them play in the water! Classic pool games make them more interactive and highly motivated.


How is this done? Have a person stand at the center of the pool. He should not make steps any further. As he tries to reach out and touch the other players, he should only use his arms. If he happens to touch someone, that person becomes an arm and can swim around to tag others without breaking from the octopus.  To win in this fun game, the octopus should have tagged all the players. Many arms should be attached to the octopus to win in the game.  The game requires everyone’s active participation and involvement. Your quick moves are as well tested.


This is a fun race in the pool. You need to a have a partner to do this. As you swim in pairs, one should act as the arms while the other as the legs. You project the wheel borrow when you do the formation. The “arm person” must swim only using his arms. Likewise, the “leg person” should swim using only his legs. This is a tandem race. The objective of the game is to swim across the pool using the wheel borrow position. This is really fun and everyone will break into laughter as the game begins.


This is one of the most exciting classic pool games.  This game needs precision and highly detectable senses. To begin the game, a player has to be designated as the “it”. The objective of the “it” is to tag a player to replace him as the “it”. To do this, the “it” with eyes closed, shouts MARCO and other players will respond POLO. This game is really very exciting as the “it” begins to find the other player as they are doing their might to evade so as not to be caught.

Watch this video and check out for more pool games that you can enjoy with your family.


This exciting pool game tests how fast you are in the water. The players have to divide themselves into two teams bearing the names, “Dolphins” and “Sharks”. The pool is divided in half, then the players stand at the center of the pool. To begin the game, everyone will shout the name of their team, which is either “Dolphin or Shark”. They have to swim as fast as they can back to their side. They should avoid being caught or else they will be part of the other team. The game will end if everyone becomes all dolphins or all sharks.


This game requires the players to be quick in looking for the bottle. A clear bottle has to be used that it will look almost invisible in the water. It has to be filled in with water.  The players are divided into two teams who should be standing on the opposite ends of the pool while facing away from the water.  When a bottle is tossed in the water, all the players turn around and look for the bottle.  This is a challenging game because the players will be having a hard time looking for the bottle as it blends in the clear water.


It is a swimming race in which the participants have to race from one end of the pool to the other. This may sound easy but take note the legs of the players are held tightly together just like of that a mermaid.  The objective of the game is to be the first one to get across to the other side of the pool. This is indeed very challenging and fun.

pool/ automatic pool cleaners

These pool games are best enjoyed in a clean swimming pool. The water should be as clear as crystals. It should be free from debris, green algae, and pool stains.  The cloudy water in the pool might just be a disaster and is not suitable for the repertoire of fun games.  Use the best automatic pool cleaner for convenient and easy pool cleaning. It is making your backyard pool a source of fun and thrills.  Make this as part of your plan and for sure you will have the best time swimming with your family. There is more fun in the backyard!

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