May 03

How To Cosplay Like A Pro

We all loved playing video games as a kid. Maybe even now.

They all say that video games are for boys. Even games has sexism on it! How in the world did that happen. Yeah. We live in a world that’s full of stereotypes so you can just forget about it.

There are a lot of female gamers as far as I know. Even my sister plays PlayStation games with me when we was young and she was actually beating me. I don’t know whether I suck at it or she’s just good at it. Now, there’s a trend of dressing up as your favorite character from video games, anime, manga or movies. Cosplaying as what they call it. Now, it’s the time for the girls to do their thing!

Here’s are tips for all those who want to Cosplay:

Think of a Character

Lara Croft

Pick A Sexy Character Like this one!

You can’t just Cosplay a tree. You need to think of something cool.

Like Mario for example, or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Don’t pick a character that you can’t give justice to. Like Iron Man, Blastoise or the Incredible Hulk.

Make Up

When you’re trying to cosplay the Crow, you need to have your make up done!

Pick a brand that’s hypoallergenic. You don’t wanna itch while parading on the Cosplay Event! This all depends on the character that’ you’re portraying. Don’t pick Mr. T if you’re Caucasian, you know what’s gonna happen next.

Copy the Clothes

Michelle Kwan

Rhinestones Are Perfect For This Look.

This is the most important one in my opinion. In order to look like Wolverine, you need to dress up as Wolverine.

Rhinestone patterns for figure skating dresses works lovely if you’re portraying Michelle Kwan. Haha. Just kidding. Of course, don’t forget your budget. Think of ways that you can save money and still look cool.


Hope this helps! Thanks!

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