Aug 11

Top 4 Most Kickass Playable Female Archers

For many years, female video game characters were portrayed as weak, overly sexualized, damsel in distress which only hold a much inferior and/or non-playable roles in the gaming world. The male leads, such as Mario and Luigi, seem to always save the day.

Mario Brothers

But the tide turns for the tough ladies, with the introduction of many notable female protagonists that are not just simply acting as supports but also taking the lead reins from the macho men. However, we can’t just leave our heroines without a killer weapon. Swords and guns may be the obvious choices but there is another that’s becoming an increasing crowd favorite – the bow and arrow.

Here is a list of female protagonists that can surely point and shoot anyone and anything they put their sights into –  may it be with the use of  a simple wooden bow or the best compound bow.

4. Sylvanas Windrunner (Warcraft)

Also known as the Dark Lady or the Queen of Godforsaken. A hardened warrior who served as Ranger-General of Silvermoon. Killed, revived, and unwillingly served the cause of her homeland’s demise, Sylvanas was able to exact  revenge and became a queen of hordes of creatures and mortals. She is not the only Warcraft lead, but her archery skills and abilities are to die for.

3.  Zoya, The Thief (Trine 2)

A mysterious and shadowy persona, She can shoot Frost, Frozen, Fire, and Explosive Arrows. Talk about some mad archery skills! Aside from these, she also has a grappling hook which can be fired and swung into wooden surfaces and a stealth ability for 10 seconds. With these, I doubt if Zoya will ever fail to get what she wants.

2. Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)

Aloy is another heroine in the making as Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to be released on February 28, 2017 in North America and March 3, 2017 in the UK. She uses her ranged, melee weapons, and stealth tactics to hunt and combat dinosaur-like mechanized creatures whose remains can also be looted for resources.

1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Who will ever forget The Lara Croft? Starting as a very physically endowed female protagonist, she underwent into numerous transformations and so far has achieved her best persona ever, a younger and grittier version with curves and more agility to boot. She opts to use bow and arrow in the new Tomb Raider game franchise, Rise of The Tomb Raider. Her bow collection ranges from the bare-bones crafted Longbow to the technically advanced Compound bow.

Currently, there are only a few playable female video leads. But the gaming world is always an avenue for quirkiness and innovations. Maybe in a few years or months’ time, this list will grow.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree that these femme fatales can pull off the archer mode?

Jun 02

Problems With Virtual Reality

Minimizing errors produced during surgery, bringing faculty textbooks to life, enabling us to browse stores from home—virtual reality’s comfort is not merely about gaming, it’ll alter our lifestyles, accordingto some technology leaders.
“VR” will be the excitement industry at the largest computer fair, Computex of Japan, being placed in Taiwan’s money Taipei this week. The area is intending to be always a development centre for virtual reality technology.
But while VR is currently directed at participants, its evangelists forecast it will ultimately not be about far less than activity.
“we all know that gaming will be the first influx of income and participants the first influx of buyers, but our vision is bigger than gaming,” stated Raymond Pao, Vicepresident of VR New Engineering at Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC, which recently-released its first VR headset: Vive.
Pao says any industry which could utilize 3D might end-up applying the technology.
HTC is among key tech firms including Facebook which have snapped onto the immersive to become a large marketplace.
Using the Vive system secured with their heads, customers at Computex “flew” over New York or threw grenades at adversaries over a stoned street of a deserted city.
But the medical market has been already branched out to by HTC too.

The Battery Usage is HIGH

The firm this past year committed to a people start up virtual reality to greatly help is used by that doctors prepare brain functions that were intricate.
Retail and schooling will also be predicted to become its own cousin, enhanced reality and the following frontier for VR.
Though customers are put by virtual reality gadgets in fantasy worlds, enhanced reality overlays holograms on an actual watch.
“What we study on laboratories or books might be definitely boring, but VR and AR may drastically enhance understanding abilities,” Zhu Bo, founder an Asian start-up, of InnoValley investor-based in Shenzhen, told AFP.
“it may also be properly used in e-commerce. About the cabinets, you’ll move in to a true picture, you can see the products in the future, effect and experience them. Therefore our buying experience will fully change,” said Zhu, who has committed to the industry but didn’t offer particulars.
Virtual reality products’ worldwide market dimension may attain $5.1 million this season and is estimated to greater than double to $10.9 million in 2017, based on Taipei-based marketplace intelligence company TrendForce.