May 03

How To Cosplay Like A Pro

We all loved playing video games as a kid. Maybe even now.

They all say that video games are for boys. Even games has sexism on it! How in the world did that happen. Yeah. We live in a world that’s full of stereotypes so you can just forget about it.

There are a lot of female gamers as far as I know. Even my sister plays PlayStation games with me when we was young and she was actually beating me. I don’t know whether I suck at it or she’s just good at it. Now, there’s a trend of dressing up as your favorite character from video games, anime, manga or movies. Cosplaying as what they call it. Now, it’s the time for the girls to do their thing!

Here’s are tips for all those who want to Cosplay:

Think of a Character

Lara Croft

Pick A Sexy Character Like this one!

You can’t just Cosplay a tree. You need to think of something cool.

Like Mario for example, or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Don’t pick a character that you can’t give justice to. Like Iron Man, Blastoise or the Incredible Hulk.

Make Up

When you’re trying to cosplay the Crow, you need to have your make up done!

Pick a brand that’s hypoallergenic. You don’t wanna itch while parading on the Cosplay Event! This all depends on the character that’ you’re portraying. Don’t pick Mr. T if you’re Caucasian, you know what’s gonna happen next.

Copy the Clothes

Michelle Kwan

Rhinestones Are Perfect For This Look.

This is the most important one in my opinion. In order to look like Wolverine, you need to dress up as Wolverine.

Rhinestone patterns for figure skating dresses works lovely if you’re portraying Michelle Kwan. Haha. Just kidding. Of course, don’t forget your budget. Think of ways that you can save money and still look cool.


Hope this helps! Thanks!

Apr 20

Take Out the Chill Out of Your Room

Are you in the coldest spot in the universe? Then, you must be quivering in the icy atmosphere. Finding perfect heaters for your needs requires serious browsing and counterchecking of the best features of high-quality heaters and of a heating system.  You need a durable and a highly reliable ally for the freezing cold.   You are after for the heat to eliminate frigidness and to make you comfortable when the temperature plunges its coldest.  To stay warm in the winter, I highly recommend looking for the most desirable heater for your needs. See it here at Choose the coolest heating system that will give you thermal warmth during the winter months.

Oh, My! It’s Terribly Cold!

The cold climate is not a joke.  You need to create a warm climate of comfort in your abode to keep you going just like in ordinary season. Hence, it’s important to learn the mechanics of your chosen heating system for lasting warmth and safety.  People in cold climates need to counter the subzero temperature. The frosty environment makes you come to grasp the warmth artificially given by your electric fireplace.

The winter cold can become mind-boggling if your chosen heating system won’t assist you seriously in the freezing cold. To take out the chill out of your abode you need to decide for the most reliable brand of a heater. Check the guide given above to make a decision whether to choose an infrared heater or best oil-filled heater. Go over their amazing features and make it sure your choice will tailor fit your heating needs. Don’t get confused with the overabundance of heaters with different brands, models, styles, features, and prices. Stick to what the entire family needs. Which model can give comfort and great warmth?  Make it sure that you pick the heater that will gratify your heating needs in the winter.

Choose Your Heater Well

A trusted brand of a heater can take out the chill out of your room most efficiently than the ordinary ones. Since this is a very useful investment you have, give the best for it. Remember, it’s about you; it’s about your family. Keeping the warmth in the wintery days can become challenging if you don’t have the idea of the most reliable heater. Hence, this post highly gives you the best guide for that matter.

heating ideas

Take the chill out and live in a comfier environment during the cold months. The choice is yours to make.  Your choice should cater great efficiency for energy and security. Just make it sure that you pick the heater worthy of your money and time.

Feb 17

The Healthy Thought of Juicing for Your Diet

Getting more veggies and fruits into your diet is a fantastic idea. It’s great! The idea of maintaining a balanced diet somewhat requires rigid self-discipline. It is eating what is right and proper. A balanced diet is very important in keeping one’s health and our body needs proper nutrition to function well. These nutrients are most commonly found in fruits and vegetables. However, some of us are quite picky about what veggies to eat because some taste flat and bitter. It is through juicing that we get these veggies in a glass and taken in full by our body. To get great deals about juicing, check it here at

Juicing is the best way of taking the biggest advantage of eating fruits and vegetables. If you are keeping with a weight management program, the fruits and vegetables around have the biggest part of your eating plans.  However, as much as we want to, we just can’t eat the whole fruit and we can’t just consume all kinds of vegetables on a daily basis. Forcing yourself to swallow veggies which are alien to your taste is a sacrifice indeed.   However, this should not bother you anymore because juicing machines are here to help. Choose the juicer with the most reliable brand and enjoy grinding and extracting fruits and veggies that will work greatly on your diet.

When you try juicing for your diet, it is extremely important to educate yourself on the basics. Since this will be about your health and wellness, you should take time reading reviews about juicers and research about fruits and veggies that will work greatly with your health. Learn about their nutrients and what they can do to your body. Check for tips and how-to’s whether in the printed text or online publications.

Watch this video and learn the best fruits and vegetables for juicing that offer the essential nutrients.

For sure, juicing with the right machine is fun and exciting.  It’s a great thing to do in your abode with your family. Sharing the home-made juice with them is actually helping them to be healthy and fit. In doing this, you are not working for your diet alone but you are also involving the rest of your family. Having a glass of fresh juice a day is good for your diet.  It is awesomely healthy. The good thing, this can be done at home with greater ease and efficiency.

If you are a newbie about juicing, you can actually watch video presentations on juicing techniques and incorporate them into your own style. So what are you waiting for? Start consuming your fruits and veggies in liquid form now!

Jan 16

Sawing Is Not a Child’s Play

The buzzing sound of the saw might catch one’s interest. But a saw is never a toy and sawing is never a game.  The V-shapes at the edge of the blade of a saw aren’t a joke. The sharp blade is meant to cut wood or any material to which it is intended. Hence, Sawing Pros are very careful of doing their chores and willingly share the advantages of using the perfect type of saw.

using power saws

Woodworking experts are using different kinds of saws to make their cutting work easier and more accurate. Well, it’s their expertise. It’s their job. They are much skillful in using the tool.  Knowing the intended purpose of the tool, it’s very important to keep it out of reach of children. The young mind of the child will become curious as to what the tool is for and perhaps will hold the blade with his bare hands. This poses danger.Hence, concerned adults should observe proper safety in handling this cutting tool. Since the saw is undeniably an important cutting tool, it can’t be stored forever inside the cabinet because it has to be used from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended to set a certain place at home for storing your power saws or other tools.

Wood enthusiasts themselves should be careful in using any types of saws. Yes, extra care is really needed when using the cutting device. The series of sharp teeth are a great terror if they are misused. The saw as an efficient cutting tool can offer its maximum performance when it is used properly.

using saws

Sawing pros have to wear protective equipment to keep them safe while executing the cutting task. It will not be a daunting task if precautions and procedures are followed carefully and seriously. Wearing protective apparel really helps.  Eye protection and helmet are very important personal safety equipment sawing enthusiasts should have.

If it’s your first time to use this amazing cutting tool always bear in mind that you will be doing a big task. It’s a no game task.  Make the most of the powerful chainsaws and all the different saws. Be mindful of the safety hazards that should be observed for its fruitful operation. Using the saw in the woods or in doing some house repairs really makes it a useful tool.

Use the saw with caution and make the best of it as a fantastic cutting tool. Always tell your kids that this sharp-toothed fellow is not meant for a toy nor the sawing is meant for a child’s play.

Dec 20

Enjoying the Pressure as a Woman Chef- to- Be

What’s gonna be your answer if you’re asked,” Do women cook better than men?” This is such a pressure on a woman’s part if she’s not familiar with kitchen delightful techniques. Well then in this highly competitive world both men and women just do great fair square.  As to who makes the better cook will really depend on how you manipulate things in the kitchen.

using vacuum sealer

Everything’s made easy. As the gale of technological changes blows us with amazing gadgets with incredible features, cooking has made even easier and more convenient. To keep you updated, check our Pressure cooker guide.  If you’re a woman chef-to-be, experience how the pressure cooker eliminates your pressure in the kitchen. Pressure cooking has become a trend in almost households in the world.

Regardless of gender, one can be a better chef if he or she is passionate about cooking.  Both men and women can make better chefs. More often times, women are in charge of home cooking while men are more engaged in cooking at restaurants.  Hence, both take part in the cooking world and the pressure cooker has become a significant part of their cooking expertise.

The pressure cooker intensifies a woman’s enthusiasm towards cooking.  As women usually dish out their best recipes from the heart, the pressure cooker likewise offers convenience in cooking that takes away the hassles and the time constraints in meal preparation.

The high pressure produced by the steam inside the magical pot makes cooking food faster. The pressure cooker cooks thoroughly value meals for the family.  Amazingly, as the pressure cooker does the cooking faster, less energy is used which could mean great savings on your part.

using the pressure cooker

Home cooking is made more meaningful and affordable. You’ve got to enjoy the pressure in the kitchen. Hence, the pressure cooker has become a most wanted kitchen appliance. Its amazing pressure cooking technology can bring out the best chef in you. All you have to do is master your best recipe, prepare all the needed ingredients, follow instructions properly and the pressure cooker will do the rest.  Where is pressure then? Well, then the pressure is just inside the pot and not in you. It can make you an awesome cook. It’s the best time to experience tasty food through convenient cooking.

In closing, to enjoy cooking, pressure cook your best recipes and ease out the pressure in you. Cook as a woman, cook with delight and cook from the heart. Trust me; everything will turn out just so fine!

Oct 20

Pool Time Offers Repertoire of Fun Games

pool/automatic  pool cleaners

It’s Pool Time! 

Get your backyard swimming pool ready for summer fun.  Let’s play games in the swimming pool. It’s really fun and exciting for the kids.  The swimming becomes more delightful if the pool is clean and is accommodating of your presence. Hence, the best preparation details have to be part of the plan. It is recommended to do the pool cleaning first before anything else. This is to ensure safe swimming. Check our website at . We make things easy for you. Choose the best automatic pool cleaner for your great satisfaction. It is less time cleaning and more time swimming and playing!

Now, the pool is impressively set.  The water is crystal clear and inviting. What are you waiting for? Bring on your floaties and begin the fun!

Outdoor activities engage the kids and they feel involved.  Gather the kids and invite their friends and let them play in the water! Classic pool games make them more interactive and highly motivated.


How is this done? Have a person stand at the center of the pool. He should not make steps any further. As he tries to reach out and touch the other players, he should only use his arms. If he happens to touch someone, that person becomes an arm and can swim around to tag others without breaking from the octopus.  To win in this fun game, the octopus should have tagged all the players. Many arms should be attached to the octopus to win in the game.  The game requires everyone’s active participation and involvement. Your quick moves are as well tested.


This is a fun race in the pool. You need to a have a partner to do this. As you swim in pairs, one should act as the arms while the other as the legs. You project the wheel borrow when you do the formation. The “arm person” must swim only using his arms. Likewise, the “leg person” should swim using only his legs. This is a tandem race. The objective of the game is to swim across the pool using the wheel borrow position. This is really fun and everyone will break into laughter as the game begins.


This is one of the most exciting classic pool games.  This game needs precision and highly detectable senses. To begin the game, a player has to be designated as the “it”. The objective of the “it” is to tag a player to replace him as the “it”. To do this, the “it” with eyes closed, shouts MARCO and other players will respond POLO. This game is really very exciting as the “it” begins to find the other player as they are doing their might to evade so as not to be caught.

Watch this video and check out for more pool games that you can enjoy with your family.


This exciting pool game tests how fast you are in the water. The players have to divide themselves into two teams bearing the names, “Dolphins” and “Sharks”. The pool is divided in half, then the players stand at the center of the pool. To begin the game, everyone will shout the name of their team, which is either “Dolphin or Shark”. They have to swim as fast as they can back to their side. They should avoid being caught or else they will be part of the other team. The game will end if everyone becomes all dolphins or all sharks.


This game requires the players to be quick in looking for the bottle. A clear bottle has to be used that it will look almost invisible in the water. It has to be filled in with water.  The players are divided into two teams who should be standing on the opposite ends of the pool while facing away from the water.  When a bottle is tossed in the water, all the players turn around and look for the bottle.  This is a challenging game because the players will be having a hard time looking for the bottle as it blends in the clear water.


It is a swimming race in which the participants have to race from one end of the pool to the other. This may sound easy but take note the legs of the players are held tightly together just like of that a mermaid.  The objective of the game is to be the first one to get across to the other side of the pool. This is indeed very challenging and fun.

pool/ automatic pool cleaners

These pool games are best enjoyed in a clean swimming pool. The water should be as clear as crystals. It should be free from debris, green algae, and pool stains.  The cloudy water in the pool might just be a disaster and is not suitable for the repertoire of fun games.  Use the best automatic pool cleaner for convenient and easy pool cleaning. It is making your backyard pool a source of fun and thrills.  Make this as part of your plan and for sure you will have the best time swimming with your family. There is more fun in the backyard!

Sep 28

Rowing Machine Tutorial Videos for Girls-the Health Spinning

rowing machine


Are you an avid rower?

I’m on a physical effort. This is all about me. My shape, my health, my existence. Oh so love this exercising routine. This keeps me fit. What is the outstanding tool for an effective workout that will keep me in good shape? Anyone?

What have you done to improve your health? How was your long-distance run? In your quest towards maximum physical fitness, picking a rowing machine is indeed ideal. Regular rowing workouts are not a hassle if you’re a beginner, you can still increase your stamina by following  rowing machine video tutorials for girls.

Have you chosen the most efficient exercise ever?

Well, using the rowing machine makes every spin counts. In every stroke, every part of the body is used. Rowing hits your core strength.

Although the rowing motion is very easy to execute, tutorial videos in using the rowing machines make the work out smoother. By checking video tutorials regularly, can give you tips on how to use the rowing machines effectively. For sure, you can pick up with the spinning so quickly and easily.

Video tutorials on the use of rowing machines can make you master the technique fundamentals. By and by, the rowing exercise can be comfier than ever. Besides, you can compare your body positions to those shown in the tutorial videos. It will give you more choices on how the spinning is done for maximum health satisfaction.

What makes using rowing machines effective?

It helps to build and tone your muscles. Your cardiovascular function is strengthened every session of the rowing. The overall fitness is a huge strength training to achieve your physique goals faster without straining your back and joints. In addition, your weight loss sessions are made faster and more credible because rowing burns off calories rapidly.

rowing machine

Using the rowing machine in your daily regimen is a good cardiovascular exercise that will increase your body’s production of endorphins which will help reduce stress and lift feelings of depressions. It gives you a new burst of energy as you become stress-free.

The rowing gives you the best workout. It might be stationary but ironically it keeps your whole body moving.  The use of rowing machines will intensify your physical fitness exercise.

The tutorial videos on the use of the rowing machines will also discuss some helpful tips on how to make the correct rowing stroke.  Hence, your effort of losing weight or keeping fit will be more rewarding. The forward and backward stroke will make you stronger and will make an increased rate of burning calories more evident.

As you relax in the evening, set up your rowing machine, do the physical activity and be guided by extra tips in video tutorials and do the spinning and rowing relentlessly. Be inspired in rowing. Remember you health fitness goals? So, hop on and get working at any time. The rowing is worth the sweating.


Aug 11

Top 4 Most Kickass Playable Female Archers

For many years, female video game characters were portrayed as weak, overly sexualized, damsel in distress which only hold a much inferior and/or non-playable roles in the gaming world. The male leads, such as Mario and Luigi, seem to always save the day.

Mario Brothers

But the tide turns for the tough ladies, with the introduction of many notable female protagonists that are not just simply acting as supports but also taking the lead reins from the macho men. However, we can’t just leave our heroines without a killer weapon. Swords and guns may be the obvious choices but there is another that’s becoming an increasing crowd favorite – the bow and arrow.

Here is a list of female protagonists that can surely point and shoot anyone and anything they put their sights into –  may it be with the use of  a simple wooden bow or the best compound bow.

4. Sylvanas Windrunner (Warcraft)

Also known as the Dark Lady or the Queen of Godforsaken. A hardened warrior who served as Ranger-General of Silvermoon. Killed, revived, and unwillingly served the cause of her homeland’s demise, Sylvanas was able to exact  revenge and became a queen of hordes of creatures and mortals. She is not the only Warcraft lead, but her archery skills and abilities are to die for.

3.  Zoya, The Thief (Trine 2)

A mysterious and shadowy persona, She can shoot Frost, Frozen, Fire, and Explosive Arrows. Talk about some mad archery skills! Aside from these, she also has a grappling hook which can be fired and swung into wooden surfaces and a stealth ability for 10 seconds. With these, I doubt if Zoya will ever fail to get what she wants.

2. Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)

Aloy is another heroine in the making as Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to be released on February 28, 2017 in North America and March 3, 2017 in the UK. She uses her ranged, melee weapons, and stealth tactics to hunt and combat dinosaur-like mechanized creatures whose remains can also be looted for resources.

1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Who will ever forget The Lara Croft? Starting as a very physically endowed female protagonist, she underwent into numerous transformations and so far has achieved her best persona ever, a younger and grittier version with curves and more agility to boot. She opts to use bow and arrow in the new Tomb Raider game franchise, Rise of The Tomb Raider. Her bow collection ranges from the bare-bones crafted Longbow to the technically advanced Compound bow.

Currently, there are only a few playable female video leads. But the gaming world is always an avenue for quirkiness and innovations. Maybe in a few years or months’ time, this list will grow.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree that these femme fatales can pull off the archer mode?

Jun 02

Problems With Virtual Reality

Minimizing errors produced during surgery, bringing faculty textbooks to life, enabling us to browse stores from home—virtual reality’s comfort is not merely about gaming, it’ll alter our lifestyles, accordingto some technology leaders.
“VR” will be the excitement industry at the largest computer fair, Computex of Japan, being placed in Taiwan’s money Taipei this week. The area is intending to be always a development centre for virtual reality technology.
But while VR is currently directed at participants, its evangelists forecast it will ultimately not be about far less than activity.
“we all know that gaming will be the first influx of income and participants the first influx of buyers, but our vision is bigger than gaming,” stated Raymond Pao, Vicepresident of VR New Engineering at Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC, which recently-released its first VR headset: Vive.
Pao says any industry which could utilize 3D might end-up applying the technology.
HTC is among key tech firms including Facebook which have snapped onto the immersive to become a large marketplace.
Using the Vive system secured with their heads, customers at Computex “flew” over New York or threw grenades at adversaries over a stoned street of a deserted city.
But the medical market has been already branched out to by HTC too.

The Battery Usage is HIGH

The firm this past year committed to a people start up virtual reality to greatly help is used by that doctors prepare brain functions that were intricate.
Retail and schooling will also be predicted to become its own cousin, enhanced reality and the following frontier for VR.
Though customers are put by virtual reality gadgets in fantasy worlds, enhanced reality overlays holograms on an actual watch.
“What we study on laboratories or books might be definitely boring, but VR and AR may drastically enhance understanding abilities,” Zhu Bo, founder an Asian start-up, of InnoValley investor-based in Shenzhen, told AFP.
“it may also be properly used in e-commerce. About the cabinets, you’ll move in to a true picture, you can see the products in the future, effect and experience them. Therefore our buying experience will fully change,” said Zhu, who has committed to the industry but didn’t offer particulars.
Virtual reality products’ worldwide market dimension may attain $5.1 million this season and is estimated to greater than double to $10.9 million in 2017, based on Taipei-based marketplace intelligence company TrendForce.